Why R & R-Shiny?


is highly scalable and connects to virtually all tools and IT environments, so there is no doubt that it will integrate in your workflow.

R is described as a "programming language ... for statistical computing". But the second part is missing. While it is true that R excels at statistics, it is (along with Python) the general purpose language of choice for data analytics, machine learning, and endless applications covered by the 12000+ packages currently available on CRAN.


offers free and open source software for data science, from its world class IDE to the many libraries that became gold standards (tidyverse, ggplot2, rmarkdown, ...).


(by RStudio) builds amazing interactive web apps directly from R’s unlimited possibilities

R and Python are the de facto languages for data science. Commercial tools (analytics, visualization, data science automation) have their benefits as well, but some of the advantages of R and Python are unbeatable:

Open source

Can handle any task you can think of

Compatible with all IT environments

Constantly upgraded by developers around the world

Countless online resources

Not subjected to business uncertainties (M&A, product end of life, …)