Training: R, Shiny, Tidyverse & Co.

Just like standard Office applications are part of everyone’s toolbox, data science methods should also be part of it, and the R language is the best way to get there.

Few people have the motivation to go through a self-learning path: it is very time-consuming, difficult to find a reasonable starting point, rarely adapted to individual objectives.

Standard training package:

This is why I designed a standard training package that not only covers the basics but also brings a deep-seated knowledge and autonomy to the learners.


This program is designed for busy professionals who need to gain a working mastery of R within a short amount of time, and apply it to their concrete professional needs.


Loading data into R

Understanding data structures

Working with Tidyverse

Inspecting and transforming data: cleaning data, dealing with missing values

Modeling and visualizing data

Reminders on statistics

Data science techniques

Exporting your insights: creating reproducible reports with Rmarkdown

What is covered during the training?

You'll get a solid knowledge on which you can build on: Base R, Tidyverse, ggplot2, Rmarkdown, introduction to Shiny

Hands-on knowledge on data science methods and machine learning that you can concretely use for your current business needs.

A comprehensive course that doesn't impact your schedule

Schedule: only 2 sessions per week

Individual onboarding | 1 hour | reviewing individual objectives | checking that R & dependencies are correctly installed

Actual training: 8 modules of 4 hours each (over a period of a month)

Capstone project

4 hours of individual coaching


Online courses

Courses are generally online but can also be proposed onsite (in Europe)

Small groups (4 to 10 persons)

Easier to learn with peers. Limiting the number of attendants guarantees an individual approach.

Targeted contents

Course contents adapted to your specific industry to make sure you can apply it to your concrete tasks.

Individual coaching

I dedicate some additional time to make sure that you transform your knowledge into concrete professional projects.

Ad-hoc trainings

My standard offering is in my view the optimal way to gain an in-depth knowledge in the most time-savvy way possible. The trainings can however be completely adapted to your needs and wants.


Bring Your Own Data
the course, examples and exercises are spot on (applicable only when the whole group belongs to the same organization)


For proficient R users, a Shiny only training will not only get you started but give you advanced knowledge in customizing your apps.


Shorter or longer training programs can be proposed, I will adapt to your objectives and the learning curve of the learners.


I can design courses for your entire organization to ensure that no one is left behind and integrate data science in their every day job.