Healthcare & Medical

Health-related data and biostatistics impact everyone:

general public | patients | health practitioners | nurses | doctors | health insurances | pharmaceutical companies | pharmacists | researchers | journalists | ...

Researchers master biostatistics with a solid knowledge of languages such as SAS or R. But they spend a great deal of resources processing the data manually, and communicating results in plain English to the rest of the chain is usually neglected, leaving room for misinterpretation of results.

You can view here an example of prototype for survival analysis / time to event

Usual features:

Import your own data

Process & visualize data in an interactive way

Explain and interpret the data both in layman’s terms and plain English

Retrieve former studies with persistent storage features

Export the outcomes and interpretations to your machine

Typical projects:

A wide range of biostatistics-related applications can be automated with Shiny Apps, here are a few examples:

clinical statistics | study design (protocol development, sample size calculation, ...) | survival analysis (time to event) | diagnose and monitor diseases | analyzing and predicting hospital admissions | ...