Social Listening

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Most of the commercial solutions out there offer wonderful possibilities for analysis, but there is no one-fit-all technology. Each industry, each business function, even each manager, will have different approaches and goals.

I implemented projects for over 500 organizations across most industries in regard to their social listening strategy. And it’s not just about listening, or gaining knowledge. It’s about triggering impactful actions and channeling the efforts of the communication and management teams, based on real data, analyzed the right way.


Audits and consulting on your listening strategy

Configuring any monitoring solution you use for collecting and analyzing social media data (structuring projects, creating queries, customizing dashboards, …)

Studies health checks, influencers, campaign impact, ...

Extracting content via API

Developing Shiny App products with your own metrics and insights, machine learning, et al

More Information

Social listening has been one of my main activites for many years and you can find additional information under my other website