Natural Language Processing has always been part of our digital life, from spellchecks to translations, spam filters, autocomplete, text suggestions on your smartphone, chatbots, ... and many more applications.

Many professionals are dealing with (big) text analytics and when they are limited by existing tools, it is possible to develop targeted applications that will do exactly what they need.

Data science applications emulate what a domain expert normally does, but instead of the hours or days usually needed, the application works in a matter of seconds, allowing professionals to focus on what really matters.

Industries & Audiences

Legal Tech


Lawyers, in-house counsels, litigators



Knowledge Managers

and many more

Legal Tech

As clients are looking for cheaper and more efficient legal services, inhouse counsels and law firms must deliver on new and innovative solutions.

Dedicated data science applications support human intelligence in many aspects, one of them being to automate non-fee-earning work:

Matter pricing:

based on prior data (previous matters, timecards, clients requirements, …), we can better understand and predict engagement milestones and provide more transparent quotes.

Entity extraction for document review:

extract and summarize salient points of a contract such as parties names, dates, clauses, ...

Litigation analytics:

framework to analyze and predict outcomes of court decisions based on matters, jurisdictions, analytics of presiding judges.