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From clutter to ... a clear vision

Many data problems are actually quite simple,
just the solutions may seem overly complex.

This is what DataScience-Apps is about
empowering people to harness the concepts of data science and use them in their everyday life.

Xavier Valdayron: instructor, programmer, consultant

Data science accessible for everyone with
Data Science Apps:

quickly developed

highly interactive and scalable

open source

with the infinite possibilities of the R language

real data products as an alternative to commercial-grade software

What are Shiny Apps

Consulting & Operational/Technical Scoping

concrete and actionable reason-to-be of your project, modularizing the deployment, planning time resources, technology stack, roadmap, …

Data Science

data cleaning, statistical interpretations, analytics, modeling, predicting, data storytelling … you get the detailed replicable process & results, a summary in plain English, and of course the commented code

R-Shiny Apps

... turn anything you can imagine into full data products.
Shiny Apps are interactive, standalone web applications and dashboards that use all the power of R for analytics, visualization, and much more.


hands-on trainings so that you easily bring R, Shiny and data science techniques to your everyday toolbox, as easily as using office applications

Projects & Industries

Data Science permeates all levels and business functions within your organization and the list of possible projects is virtually endless. You will find a few of my expertise points below. Shouldn't you find what you're looking for, just reach out. Data Science Apps adapt to virtually any use cases.

The R-Shiny Apps and the code I deliver allow you to fuel your activities with a data science that you can understand.

Healthcare / Biostatistics

Survival Analysis, clinical trials, biostatistics for research institutes.

Dedicated zero-code Shiny apps to get instant results.

Data Science for Business

Pricing strategy, churn analytics, reporting ...

Cut down reporting time to a few seconds, use apps to speed up decision.

Natural Language Processing

Social listening, marketing, legal tech, ...

Deep text analytics made easy, entity extraction, sentiment analytics ... in an intuitive app.

Web design: Scenarize your data

Make your website more appealing and educational with your own data.

Interactive analytics, tables, visualizations, predictions.


From source code to documentations, the deliverables ensure that your projects are scalable, reusable, replicable, and adapted to both general and technical audiences:


Shiny Apps are always interactive and fully functional along with embedded educational material.


The R Code is optimally structured and commented for other data scientists to reuse.


Rmarkdown files detail the whole process, step by step. I also provide ppt presentations or other type of content in plain English.


Handovers & Trainings go beyond a simple project completion. It empowers all the teams to use, understand and scale the project when needed.


I answer frequent questions in the FAQ and describe typical projects, but please feel free to reach out personally to discuss how we can build a better data science for your organization.

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Shiny Apps Gallery

Better than a description, seeing Shiny Apps for yourself will give you a better feel of what they are and what they can do for you.

You'll find below some example of what I already created as well as the standard Shiny Apps gallery available here: Shiny Apps Gallery


Feel free to reach out with any question you have, I'm always happy to discuss your projects:


Xavier Valdayron: Instructor / Programmer / Consultant

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Xavier Valdayron: instructor, programmer, consultant


R language, Tidyverse, Shiny Apps, Data Science